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Archero Hack – Unlimited Gems and Coins Cheats

This is your chance to eliminate all the monsters with your bow and arrow. Archero is an interesting action game developed by HABBY. You have to master all the fighting skills to conquer your enemies. Each level will give you brand new challenge. You need to keep upgrading yourself to survive in this game. Obviously, it is not easy to defeat each stage with ease unless you make use of Archero hack! Now, let’s kick off the archero game and test your archery skill together.

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Gaming Currency of Archero game:

Frankly speaking, there are two currencies in this game. One is call coins, the other is call gems. To clear monsters fast in each stage, you need both currencies in large amounts. Unfortunately, not every player can collect lots of currencies in this game without the help of Archero cheats. Some players may disagree with our saying. They said they can buy gems and coins with real world money in the game store. Well, that’s true. You can indeed buy them with your cash. However, that’s not every one can afford the big amount of paying in the game. They usually prefer to get gems free. Of course, every player can do this if they do have patience and time. We have summarized some working methods of earning gems and coins in the game.

  • Clear up the monsters quickly to earn more stage rewards. In each stage, you will have to eliminate certain amount of monsters to clear the stage. Once you have completed the specific stage, you will have a chance to claim your rewards. Usually, you will get coins, gems and energy randomly in the stage rewards. The less time you use to clear up the stage, the more rewards you will earn.
  • Watch the video advertisement. There are plenty of ads embed in this game. Every time you watch an ads, you will get some gems and energy as return. The more ads you watch, the more currency you will get. So we usually suggest players watch all the ads from the beginning to the end. Once there is a new ads pop up, you should click it and watch it if possible.
  • Complete special missions in the task event. Each week, there is a special mission pop up in the task event. You can participate in them to earn big amount of gems. But we should remind you that these missions are more difficult than the common tasks. If you want to join this event, you have to prepare yourself well. Otherwise, you will be defeated completely within a short time.
  • Make use of Archero hack. It is a working cheat engine to help players generate specific amount of currency in this game.


Skills are the core combat system in this game. There are lots of skills in this game. It is not possible to learn them all in a short time. Basically, you will encounter six tier skill types. They are A-Tier skills, B-Tier skills, C-Tier skills, D-Tier skills, E-Tier skills and S-Tier skills. Here you should should focus on S-Tier skills. They are the high-level skill sets. They have high power output and excellent defense shield. You need to decide which S-Tier skill you want pick up when you reach level 20. Well, the basic principle is that choose the one benefit your current level, while still have potential to merge into high level in the later game play.

To Conclude:

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an excellent archer fighter, you’d better start to play Archero game right now. You will enjoy the numerous challenges assigned to you, and you will need to play smart and think deeply to make your archer adventure succeed.

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